Painting and weathering A war-weary P-47D

by | Nov 18, 2022 | 1/144 scale, Aircraft, Modelling & Kits, P-47 Thunderbolt, Small Scale History, War-Weary Savior

Painting and weathing a war-weary P-47D Razorback of 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron without decals in 1/144 scale

Painting and Weathering

The challenge: authentically depict the wear and tear of a war-weary P-47D Razorback and paint on nose type, squadron insignia and serial and identification numbers in 1/144 scale (without decals).

As usual I used Mr. Colour Silver 8 as primer to show realistic paint chips. Preshading and painting was done with Vallejo “air” paints. The weathering was done with oil paints.

Priming, airbrush and paintbrush work. Painting all the nose art serial and identifikation numbers by hand

Oil wash and exhaust stains: Weathering a war-weary P-47