I’ve been lucky enough to, from a young age, travel and live around the world from a young age, now based in Wales, UK. I have always had a passion for machines and equipment and have made it my profession as an Engineer. My mother’s side of the family had a fascinating military history and my fathers with aviation.  All these factors have instilled in me a passion for detail, precision, history and engineering. As you can imagine a tinder box for a hobby in scale modelling.

My adventures in scale modelling couldn’t be more by the book. Starting out being introduced to the hobby by my father as a child with many memorable moments trying to emulate the models seen in the modelling magazines. This was the only way back then to learn and find out information on the hobby. Then dropping the hobby in my late teens and chasing adventure. Then, as is always the way, (helped by the reduced travel from COVID), I have re-approached the hobby as I have gotten older and more settled.

This journey I have found out is pretty common in the modelling space, although on my return I have been delighted and amazed by the online and local communities that have evolved in my absence, there is a plethora of YouTube video tutorials down to the smallest process, new cheaper tools that can be delivered next day as well as a friendly and welcoming community. After connecting with Benedikt on Instagram and being converted to the world of 1/144, I have been delighted to grow in this scale and be involved in his project, small scale history.

I hope that my journey and learning can be of use and that we can help share helpful information. We aim to inspire all who want to get involved in this rewarding and relaxing hobby.

John-Mark (Rigged 72)



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