Building P-51b “Princess Elisabeth” in 1/144 scale

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Modelling & Kits, 1/144 scale, Aircraft, Allied, European Theatre, USAAF, WW2

wrapping the 1/144th scale kit from Sweet in aluminium foil ...

The P-51b/C kit from Sweet in scale 1/144

is one of the best kits available. Unfortunately, like all Sweet kits, it is only available on the Asian market and must be imported everywhere else.

The decals are from Cartograph, the panel lines are super fine and precise, and overall the kit is beautifully detailed. The fit is incredibly good, what makes it a perfect kit for out of the box builds. It contains 108 gallon paper drop tanks aswell as 75 gallon drop tanks. It contains basic parts for the cockpit, but misteriously lacks an instrument panel?! All of the packaging variants of the Sweet kit contain parts for two airplanes.

The resin Figure I used in this build is from Heroes Models. Their figures are all pretty good.

The decals are from DrawDecals. These are silk screen decals for the civilized version with the serial number 325147. They are much different to usual decals, but I liked working with them and had no issues at all.